The last live cut tree stand you will ever want to use!

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About The Last Stand

Invented by a U.S.A.F. veteran.


While recovering from spinal surgery and in a 3/4 body cast, the invention came to me. Three pots of coffee and many hours later I had it on paper!

Forget about level cuts or straight trunks


You can cut your tree down with an ax or saw. It does not matter if 

the trunk is perfectly straight, or if

 your perfect tree does not have a straight trunk at  all.        

     The Last Stand will secure your tree perfectly. 

Original prototype: Receives trunks up to 5" in diameter


To assemble, simply slide the four legs into the base slots. Affix the securing ball snuggly to the tree trunk with provided eye screws. Place the tree into the base, turn to show its best side, make tree straight and lightly tighten base thumb screws against securing ball to maintain the desired postition. Adding more than a gallon and a half of water only increases the stability of your decorated tree.


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